Pokemon With Ghosts? What Exactly is Yo-Kai Watch?

Pokemon With Ghosts? What Exactly is Yo-Kai Watch?

What is Yo-Kai Watch, and should you be excited?

Why Yo-Kai Watch Is Better Than Pokemon!

In this video I explain why Yo-Kai watch is objectively better than Pokemon and the reason I’m quitting pokemon videos.

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Title: Why I’m quitting pokemon videos…

Music Used: Yokai Watch Music because it slaps

Includes Yokai Watch and Pokemon Gameplay!


Pokemon VS Yokai watch 2 – Who did it better?

Team Pokemon or Team Yokai Watch?

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The Downfall Of YoKai Watch… (History of YoKai Watch)

YoKai Watch is a Japanese franchise centered around befriending mystical creatures called YoKai and going on various adventures with them. This franchise exploded in Japan shortly after its release, so they decided to expand the franchise worldwide in late 2015. Unfortunately, around this same time YoKai Watch began to see a decline, and it wasn’t quite the next big phenomenon it was hyped up to be. YoKai Watch is still a great franchise with many good games, but it is no where near where it was just a few years ago. In This video we will be discussing the history of YoKai Watch, and what led to the downfall.

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Top 5 Things Yo-Kai Watch Did Better/Worse Than Pokemon

In this list I look at 4 things Yo-Kai Watch did that I think Pokemon should do and one thing Pokemon did that Yo-Kai Watch should.

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