AquaHacking Finalists Paddle Lake Ontario

AquaHacking Finalists Paddle Lake Ontario

Aug 072018

AquaHacking Finalists Paddle Lake Ontario

Thanks to Waterlution, the five teams in the 2018 AquaHacking Challenge finals had an amazing retreat at the beautiful Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre.

It was a unique opportunity for the AquaHacking Finalist teams to gather for a weekend and connect with the watershed they’re working so hard to protect with their tech solutions. They participated in workshops designed to stimulate key 21st century skills: critical thinking, communications, leadership, empathy, and others so vital to working as a team. Participants also played and swam in Elbow Lake, kayaked on Lake Ontario, visited a waste water treatment plant, and met with various experts on water issues.

The Push Towards the Finals

The five finalist teams from Montreal, Quebec City, Kingston, Toronto and Waterloo are now perfecting their solutions and getting tailored mentorship from experts at our partners EY, Gowling and Rio Tinto. Look forward to hearing their pitches at the AquaHacking Finals on October 25 during Ontario Water Innovation Week.

Join us there to meet Canada’s future water changemakers!

About the 2018 AquaHacking Challenge

Each year, over several months, the AquaHacking Challenge enables young innovators to apply their passion and tech know-how to solve complex water issues affecting the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Watershed Basin with demand-driven solutions.

More information about the 2018 AquaHacking Challenge is available here.